A lot to see and enjoy



There is always a lot to see and enjoy at Thegoodoldbeanfeedingstation even on a damp spring day. So once more I post a blog to share with others some of the pleasures to be found here on Beanfarm.Alicemary shared in today’s bird watching as we ate a leisurely late breakfast.

Note: you will see the pictures better if you click on them!

blue jay  Here we have a blue jay they are quite plentiful round here and are aggressive eaters and known to be bird land bandits .

brown headed cowbird This is a Brawn headed Cow bird a ground feeder and a regular visitor.

pretty birds Always nice to see so many colorful birds feeding happily together

rose breast grosbeak & tananger .A Grosbeak and a Scarlet Tanager share a perch.

scarlet tananger &red squirell A Red Squirrel joins a tanager to enjoy some seeds.


And so it is here on goodoldbeanfarm on a rainy spring day where all the creatures are happy and the birds sing merrily all day long even when it rains.

As always you are welcome to come on back tomorrow and I may have another post for you. But if not don’t despair for I am far from done with blogging.


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A laffathon

As Alicemary has a laffathon I couldnt resist shareing it with the world…………Now ain’t that a gas????????????????

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The mystery cat

Is it????????????????? yes no yes no maybe …….sure looks like Twoallah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Busy time at the feedingstation


5 deer caught at the goodoldbeanfeedingstation. Much activity day and night .

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Who Dat Cat?

omg is that Twoallah my lost cat? This cat was spotted at our feeders last night and sparked our memory of the cat that left us last winter. Perhaps a neighbors or perhaps a ghost but who knows it may be Twoallah.

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Still around

Capture Yep the goodoldbean is still around and it is around 18 degrees here on beanfarm.I just got done clearing the deck and getting a few pictures and so I thought I might share them with you. Oh I know you probably had your own snowstorm but a goodoldbeanfarmsnowstorm around the end of Febuary is kinda special and surely worth a blog and a few pictures.

Here is some pictures to look at and I have a video uploading to youtube but that may take a while. You will see them much better if you click on them.


002 003


004 005 There now does that kinda give you the idea? Well maybe the video will give you a better look but I will tell you there just ain’t nothing quite so good as being right here on goodoldbeanfarm and gettin out there and cleaning up natures droppings even if you do end  up with a stiff back. But if it lasts more than 48 hours you can call your doctor. hahahaha  that’s a little joke.!  Them TV commercials are always saying that  about viagra. But NO  I don’t take that stuff just joke about it you see.

Around now would be a good time to slip in a little quote for the day, Right? OK  how about this ……….


A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
Carl Reiner

Well not the greatest quote but a quote all the same.

Besides the fact we survived another snow storm you might want to know why I haven’t been blogging every day but there just ain’t no special reason I just didn’t feel like it since Murphy and Allah have been gone. I really makes for a quiet house without some animals around. Alicemary wants to find another pet when spring comes.

Well there we are that’s our little video for today and so I can now say once more ……..You are welcome to come on back tomorrow for more goodoldbeanblogging ……………That is should I feel like doing it but most likely I will .


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Ring ring ring

Capture Morning bells are ringing and the new year is beginning as thisgoodoldbean greets the blog world with a joyous shout of HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.

There now I am back at my blogging and will continue to bring you the news and my views regularly or perhaps semi regularly for sometimes it is not so easy to blog EVERY day. Sad to say we here on goodoldbeanfarm start the new year without our beloved Murphy. And without our recently adopted cat Twoallah 001 For it was only a couple days after Murphy was gone that Twoallah insisted on going out into the night and has not been seen since. They neither will be soon forgotten. Meanwhile life goes on and thegoodoldbeanfeedingstation continues to provide us with plenty of animal life to see and enjoy. And our goodoldbeangamecamera gives us plenty videos to store up for the blog and our later enjoyment.

Here are a few recent videos of our nighttime visitors……………

These three are currently regular visitors and more or less dominate the videos at night.

It is so good to know that by spring these young deer will be near as big as their mother from eating here at goodoldbeanfarm.

The next videos were captured in daylight and I am so happy to have some of them in color.

OK now we have to have our little quote for today so here it is………………

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.
Benjamin Franklin


Hmm that makes sense however I am glad Alicemary don’t think that way. Anyway this is where I say again You are welcome to come on back tomorrow for more of this goodoldbeanblogging and until then may this day be your best yet.


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Its dark outside


Yup it is dark outside as I do my blog today and that is different but that’s OK cause we need to have something different every once in a while. There are several reasons for the late start least of which is a slipped disc as they call it. It seemed alright as I got up just a bit stiff you know how it is sometimes in the morning when you just didn’t sleep right. Well I had plans for a nice blog and a video and all but as I went about my chores here and prepared for a store trip the back just got sorer and sorer But I did do the store trip and got all done that I had planned EXCEPT my blog………………so I will now try to put it together even though it is dark outside.

Here is the first little video I made for you this is an original goodoldbeanvideo produced and directed by thegoodoldbeanhimself so I hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for the unsightly scabs on my face but I had a bit of bad luck with a new razorblade while trying to trim up my beard but anyway we can’t let a little thing like that stop our little videos now can we. Since the second one is still uploading this would be a good time to put in our little quote for today or tonight ….OH you know what I mean……..anyway here it is

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
Theodor Geisel

There now that sort of fits the occasion I think now just another minuet or two and we can have our 2nd little video for today or tonight as the case may be.


Ah there it is now so I should now be able to say You are welcome to come on back tomorrow for more goodoldbeanblogging

OK said done and Fin

and have a great day

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Murphy has gone

Murphy and fathers day 001 ..                                                                                                                   2 But it is just so hard to realize that our seventeen years of companionship is over. This morning I stepped out on the deck as I always have to let Murphy out MURPH  But there was no Murphy and there was no snow but everything was covered with large frost flakes.

001  002 And the sky was cluttered with clouds 004 006 while a mist drifted across the top of the hill and I wondered is Murphy up there beyond the mist and where is Twoallah he went out night before last and has not returned. But I guess that is just the way it is with animals you must take them as they are and enjoy them while you can so here I am back at the goodoldbeanblog showing pictures and telling tales of just what is going on here at goodoldbeanfarm where the goodoldbeanfeedingstation is in need of some more feed 003 because those three deer must have dined well last night.

And soon them turkeys will be coming for their morning feed…………………

So I guess it is time for the little quote for today so here it is……………………

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

And it is with that in mind I say once more to you………………….You are welcome to come on back tomorrow for more goodoldbeanblogging.

So think good thoughts and have yourself a very fine day.


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