A lot to see and enjoy



There is always a lot to see and enjoy at Thegoodoldbeanfeedingstation even on a damp spring day. So once more I post a blog to share with others some of the pleasures to be found here on Beanfarm.Alicemary shared in today’s bird watching as we ate a leisurely late breakfast.

Note: you will see the pictures better if you click on them!

blue jay  Here we have a blue jay they are quite plentiful round here and are aggressive eaters and known to be bird land bandits .

brown headed cowbird This is a Brawn headed Cow bird a ground feeder and a regular visitor.

pretty birds Always nice to see so many colorful birds feeding happily together

rose breast grosbeak & tananger .A Grosbeak and a Scarlet Tanager share a perch.

scarlet tananger &red squirell A Red Squirrel joins a tanager to enjoy some seeds.


And so it is here on goodoldbeanfarm on a rainy spring day where all the creatures are happy and the birds sing merrily all day long even when it rains.

As always you are welcome to come on back tomorrow and I may have another post for you. But if not don’t despair for I am far from done with blogging.



About wbean036

Just a goodoldbean having his say and shareing his days on Goodoldbeanfarm
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3 Responses to A lot to see and enjoy

  1. olof1 says:

    That red bird is absolutely fantastic! What color!

    We have a relative to the Blue jay over here but it never comes to my cottage, it´s to far from the forest I think!

    Great photographs today!
    Have a great day now!

  2. AliceMary says:

    … In all seasons ‘Good Old Bean’s Birdfeeder’ has never been without it’s local resident birds and visitors on the wing. Plus, our backyard squirrels and daily turkey diners. They’re fed a mixture of regular wildbird seeds and generous helpings of cracked corn and course#14 – plus pieces of toast w/peanut butter. And sometimes, popcorn that delight the BlueJays!
    Night-time, the field camera picks up deer, raccoons, skunks, flying squirrels, and occasional young fox but in all, mostly deer who are very healthy-looking though a bit ‘thread-bare’ as they are shedding their winter coats. At night, we may hear the coy-dogs and a wise owl with a long memory of human events and invironment changes to hoot about. I love the cries and callings of what wildlife continue to cross our pastures and periodically occupy old dens and create new ones though their numbers are decreasing more and more as new homes are built on cleared land. I dread the sound of chainsaws and the gnawing of bulldozers and the death of felled conifers, birch and beechnut … The persistent rain has let up. The wind blows and I feel a chill … AliceMary …………….

  3. debbie says:

    Great pictures from the GOODOLDBEANFEEDINGSTATION! My God don’t those Scarlet Tanangers stand out. I miss having bird feeders with all those creatures to look at every day. All these birds and deer and squirrels and other wild creatures getting along and eating together is amazing. Who would have thought they would congregate together like this. We miss your blogging Woody. Love Alice’s comments and wish she would come back to blogging…..keep up the great picture taking and writing….both of you.

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